Please look at my ‘About Me’ page for details of some of the projects I have worked on. The range of services I offer include:

Building momentum for your event

  • Strategy
  • Event concept development
  • Feasibility and research
  • Bid preparation (funding & bids to rights holders)
  • Budgeting and business plan development
  • Procurement and supplier selection
  • Participant / customer centric approach

Detailed design

  • Sourcing venues / sites
  • Site / route planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Contingency planning
  • Supplier selection & management
  • Budget management
  • Logistics
  • Stakeholder management
  • Event licensing


  • Direction
  • Site management
  • Everything required to ensure a safe and successful event day

About Me

My name is Roger Maidment and I am based in East London. I have extensive project delivery experience gained at a senior level on some of the largest international events, managing budgets in the tens of millions of pounds. I also have a genuine passion for grass roots sport and for promoting participation and healthy lifestyles. This year (2017) I am combining my experience and passion to build a new career as a freelancer in the events industry. It’s something I’m really excited about, having waited far too long to grasp the opportunity.

I was employed by Transport for London until quite recently; prior to that I worked for the Metropolitan Police. I’ve dedicated many years to the public sector and have been fortunate enough to work in key roles on some challenging but rewarding projects.

I was the Finance & Commercial Manager in the team that delivered the 2007 Grand Depart of the Tour de France in London, responsible for:

  • The overall project budget
  • All contracts (with rights holder, host local authorities, etc.)
  • Procurement (developing specifications, contracts and evaluation models)
  • The opening ceremony

I also advised the team that delivered the London stage of the 2014 Tour.

I was the Commercial Manager for the design and implementation of the Cycle Hire Scheme in London in 2010. Key responsibilities included:

  • Managing the project budget
  • Negotiating the sponsorship deal with Barclays (the initial scheme sponsor)
  • Securing public and private land to accommodate cycle hire docking stations

For the 2012 Olympic Games I led on the procurement of event management services for all the road events and crowd management services for Central London.

I was involved from the outset in developing RideLondon, a world class festival of cycling that first took place in 2013. I worked alongside the Greater London Authority, London & Partners and Transport for London’s other strategic partners to devise the concept, consider possible commercial models and shape the procurement process to ensure the right delivery partner was brought on board.

And in my spare time…

I have organised a number of successful amateur cycling events and work as an Accredited Marshal for British Cycling, controlling traffic during cycle road races to ensure a high level of safety. I am also a Leader in Running Fitness, trained by England Athletics to lead groups of runners in a safe, supportive and encouraging way.

As a keen club cyclist I have raced on the road at a high level and competed in cyclocross at a national level. I’m also a County running medalist and enjoy all forms of the sport from cross country races through to endurance events on the track. In 2017 I qualified for the England Athletics Marathon Championships.

Having competed in so many events over the years, big/small, competitive/fun, I have a deep understanding of what makes for a good participant experience.

Riding for Team Sky

I have been fortunate enough to play a small part in staging some of the largest sports events in the world including the Tour de France and the Olympics. Sport at this rarified level creates fleeting excitement for all and enduring inspiration for many. I am also involved in promoting grass roots sport (sometimes paid but always for fun), and whilst organising, volunteering and officiating in club or ‘mass participation’ events I have seen the capacity they have to excite and inspire.

It is at sports grass roots level that the opportunity to deliver sustained social benefit arises and where some of the foundations of future elite sporting success are laid down. But most of us need a trigger to get active and a source of ongoing motivation, whether simply to get us off the couch or to encourage us to go faster or further. It’s proven that elite sport can play a huge part in this through its role models, razzmatazz and athleticism. It’s this symbiotic relationship between grass roots and elite sport that really interests me. We all need Chris Froome and Team Sky and they need us. You could say we’re riding for the same team!

If you are planning an event, elite, grass roots or both, and need some help with the concept, design, delivery or any other aspect please get in touch and we can talk it through. Take a look at my ‘About me’ page and you’ll see I have a solid background in project and financial management allied with experience delivering the worlds largest events, and some really small but perfectly formed ones too. I also have a genuine passion for sport, organising, volunteering, photographing and participating at all levels. A passion that I hope will become evident from my blog as it develops.